Year Four Lee Valley Residential 2024

Hello everyone. 


We are having a great day here at Longleat and all the children are having a fab time. 

We arrived just before midday and headed straight for the boat tour. The children really enjoyed seeing the sea lions, monkeys and gorillas on the ferry. I'll add some pictures of this later. 

After the boat tour, we had a quick stop for some lunch and then went to the safari. Thankfully, we avoided the monkeys so all the busses are still in one piece. 

As I write this, the children are currently having a 20 minute play in the park before we load up and head off to AirHop. 


I'll update again later with some pictures when I have a better internet connection. 

Mr L


Wednesday 6:20PM

The children are all having a wonderful time in AirHop at the moment. 

We'll be having tea here when they finish their session at 7pm and will then be driving to the hostel at Lee Valley. Hopefully the children will all be worn out by then after their busy day and ready for bed. 


Wednesday 10:15pm


We have arrived at YHA Lee Valley and all the children are tucked up in bed asleep excited for a their day at Harry Potter World tomorrow. 

Mr L