Year Four Lee Valley Residential Day 2


All the children slept really well last night. 

At the moment, they are getting ready to go for breakfast and straight after that we will be going to Harry Potter World where we have a creative writing lesson booked for 10:30am. 

Mr L


Thursday 25/04 5pm 

We've had the best time at Harry Potter World today. 

It was a little busier than we anticipated it to be but the children did themselves proud with their behaviour and respect for the public with several compliments throughout the day about their fantastic manners. 

We are having tea at 5:30pm and then it's straight off to Quasar for Laser Quest and the Gamers Cage. 

I've just spent the last half hour trying to get some pictures of the day on the website but unfortunately the quality of our Internet connection here at the hostel isn't good enough to let me complete the upload so I'll try again at Quasar. 

Mr L


Thursday 25/04 - 10:15pm

Quasar was great fun this evening with all the children (and staff) enjoying their sessions in the laser tag arena and the gamers cage.  


We haven't long been back at the hostel but the children are all tucked up in bed and drifting off to sleep as I write this. 


If you haven't already. Please check out the pictures of all today's fun. 


We've got a fairly early start in the morning to make sure we are at Legoland for their opening time of 10am. We will be buying the children dinner at one of the restaurants in the park during our visit and departing for our journey home at around 3pm. Fingers crossed the weather is kind to us 🤞. 


Please keep your eye on here tomorrow evening as we will update this page if we are expecting to be delayed. If all goes to plan, we should be back in Bradworthy by 7:15pm. 


Mr L