Year Four Residential - 2012

Penzance Update - End of Day Three


The trip has now come to an end, and everyone is safely home.  We had a fabulous day at Cornwall Crealy yesterday, with lots of fun on adventure areas, play centres and the rides!  As you can see from the pictures below everyone finished the trip in incredibly high spirits.

Throughout the entire trip the children have been absolutely wonderful.  Their excellent attitude, nature and behaviour has been commented upon everywhere that we have been, and I have been particularly impressed with their 'get stuck in' approach to everything.    I would like to thank them for making the trip such an enormous success and making the past three days such fun!  They should be very proud of themselves - I know that everyone in school is incredibly proud of the way that they have approached the entire experience.  I would also like to thank Val Brown, Paul Moulton and Mike Furber for all of their hard work during the week making the trip run smoothly!   Hopefully everyone is now enjoying a relaxing weekend ready for the week ahead!


Everyone enjoyed celebrating Libby's birthday - especially when there was cake involved! Whether Libby will ever forgive Miss Daniel for making everyone sing in the middle of Crealy is another question!