Year Four Residential to Penzance - Postcards Home

Hi Mummy and Dad.  Hows Stephen? Am having a lovely

time!!  See you soon.

Peter xxx


Hello Mum,  Having a wonderful time.  I've missed you a bit!

Can't wait to see you tomorrow.  I loved the castle at St. Michael's Mount.

Love Rachel xx


Hello Everyone! I'm having a lovely time.  The Eden Project was wonderful!  See you tomorrow.

Love Immy xx (Oddsocks)


Hello everyone.  I'm really enjoying myself & I miss you all a bit! (But not Ben!!) I had lots of fun building boats and we came third in our race!

Lots of love

Anna xxx

PS - the food is lovely - I even stole Mr Moultons cheesecake!!


Hello! Having a great time.  Miss you all. Had a brilliant time at St Michaels mount - you should have seen how high it was!

Looking forward to the Minack.

Love Marie xxx


Hello Everyone.  Having a great time, hope to see you soon.  My favourite part so far was the cinema!  Can't wait for The Minack.

Lots of love David



Hi Mum and Dad and Tom,

I've really had a good time so far.  I miss you lots.  Ihad a really good time at the Maritime Museum.

See you tomorrow.

Love Maddy  xxx


Hi Mum,

I'm having a really good time.  I really enjoyed the Maritime Museum and the Eden Project.

Love Rachel


Hi Mum and Dad.  Having a nice time and lots of fun.  Missing you.  I loved building the boats earlier - but ours sank!!!!

See you tomorrow.

Love Ellie xxx


Hi Mum and Abigail.  I have had fun at the Minack Theatre, the show was Fantastic Mr Fox and it was great.

Hope you are having lots of fun at home!

Lots of Love, Jasmine xxx

PS - can you tell it was windy when we took the picture?!


Hi Everyone!

I've got sore feet from St Michael's Mount!! I'm having a WONDERFUL time and my favourite part was the Minack Theatre - apart from being cold!!

Lots of love,

Cara xxx


Hi Mum,

Am having a good residential.  I like going to St Michaels Mount.  I cant wait to see you soon.

Lots of love,

Anya xx


Hi Mum,

Am having a good time on my residential, and I found St Michaels Mount a load of fun.  Fantastic Mr Fox was good - the cider song is really catchy!!

Love from

Tom x



I found the Giants heart at St Michaels Mount!

Love you.

From Natty



Hi Mum,

I'm looking forward to Crealy, and I liked playing with the remote control boats at the Maritime Museum.

Love from Finn



Hi Mum,

I'm really looking forward to going to Crealy tomorrow.  I felt a bit sick on the Ferry today but I was ok when we got there.

The food is great!

Lots of love,

Olly xx


Hi Mum,

I really enjoyed the Eden Project & the food at the youth hostel is great.  I've been reading the map and giving Mr Moulton directions for where to go.  We havent got lost yet!!

Love from,




Hi Mum and Dad.

I am having a great time.  I really liked the cinema.

I love you and miss you!

I am looking forward to Crealy.

Lots of love from




Hi Mum, Dad and Brad

I've had a great time and my favourite thing has been the cinema.

I cant wait to see you!  I'm looking forward to going on the rides at Crealy!

See you tomorrow.

Love Luke



Hi Mum and Dad,

I've got the double bed!!!

I really enjoyed the cinema.  Today I won the boat race with Brendan - we are going to get a special ice cream tomorrow!

I can't wait until we are going to Crealy.

Lots of love,




Hi Mum and Dad,

I'm having a great time!  I got the top bunk (again!!).  I really liked the cinema and the Maritime Museum and on Thursday night we saw Fantastic Mr Fox and the weather was suprisingly good!

See you soon,




Hi Mum, Dad and my brothers!

I've had a great time at the Maritime Museum.  Tonight we went to the Minack Theatre  - it was brilliant!

Looking forward to going to Crealy.

Love from




Dear Mum and Dad,

I've enjoyed everything.  The youth hostel is massive!

I built a boat today but it sank!!

See you soon,

Love from Jake



Hi Mum and Dad,

I'm having a great time at the Youth Hostel.   I really enjoyed the Minack Theatre.

I'm really looking forward to Crealy.

See you soon,

Love from Euan