Year Four Residential to Penzance

Day Three: Cornwall Crealy

We spent the last day of our residential at Cornwall Crealy, having lots of fun!! Luckily there were lots of indoor play areas, but when the rain stopped we managed to get an hour outside on the rides (and get very wet on the log flume!!).   We spent the day running and sliding and climbing, so the journey back to school was a surprisingly good one!

The children have been wonderful this week - their behaviour and attitude have made them stand out, and everyone we met has commented on how lovely they are and how smart they looked.  They are all stars, and we are all very very proud of them!!


Day Three Update:

We have all slept brilliantly - most of us needed waking this morning!  We have eaten an enormous breakfast and now we are just about to leave the hostel.

See you all at 6pm at school - if we will be much later we will ring!!

Day Two:

It's half past eleven and everyone is tucked up in bed.  There are several very sleepy faces so I think it will be a quiet night (fingers crossed!).

We started the day at the National Maritime Museum and had a wonderful time building boats and racing them!  The staff helped us to build successful boats this year, so we say a big thank you to Stuart, Debbie, Mike, and of course Peggy!  Casper and Brendan were victorious with a boat which flew across the pond!  Peter gave us the quote of the day "I am adding a cork to the bottom of the boat to make it more flamboyant!!".  This entertained the staff enormously!

After lunch we headed to St. Michael's Mount and explored the castle at the top of the island.  We enjoyed the ferry ride back (most of us did!!), and then headed back for tea!

Thank you to everyone who did sunshine dances and kept their fingers crossed - the weather has been great & we survived the Minack with only a few drops of rain at one point!The show was fantastic and the children have been singing the songs all the way back to the hostel.


Day Two Update...

We've all had a brilliant day, with boat races, ferry rides and a castle to explore!  Photos to come later. 

We've started to add some postcards to the bottom of the page - they aren't all there yet as we have to go to the Minack now.  Miss Daniel will get the rest up later.


Day Two Update...

It's 8 o'clock and we are all up and raring to go!!  Everyone slept well, and most of us (girls at least!!) have had a shower!  We've found the games & had lots of fun - now we're off to breakfast!!


Day One Update...

We've had a very busy, but fantastic day & evening.  It's quarter past eleven and everyone is asleep (for now!!).  The Eden Project was lots of fun, and now we are all qualified Rainforest Rangers!

Everyone enjoyed dinner (especially Mr Moulton who had seconds & thirds!!) and then we were straight off to the cinema to see Kung Fu Panda 2.

Everyone is in very high spirits - even Mr Furber!!  (and Caroline is busy plotting her revenge after he left her behind this morning!!).