Year Six at Rosemoor

We are about to undertake two exciting projects so we went over to Rosemoor Gardens to get some inspiration.

We're very excited because we've been asked to produce some sculpture which will be permanently on display in "The Brash" at Rosemoor. We want to do a really great job so we decided that we needed to look at "The Brash" and the places where the sculptures are going to be set up before we did anything else.

In school we are going to work to make the area at the back of the football pitch a much nicer place to spend our time. We've already got a climbing boulder and a "Withy Dome" but most of the time the ground is too wet to get to these things and there isn't even anywhere to sit down. We want to make some improvements.
We needed some ideas and the trip to Rosemoor gave us loads.