Year Six Band

Following the hard work involved in Killer Queen, the Year Six band is now starting a new term with some new challenges...

The Year 6 band is going very well we meet every Wednesday in after school sessions. We’ve started learning a few different songs, one that has been popular with the group is “Whisky in the Jar.” We’re also learning “Baba O ’Riley” by The Who. For “Baba O ‘Riley” Lara and I are playing the steel drums. I really enjoy playing the steel drums it’s so nice playing something different. The steel drums are only oil barrels but they have been tuned and bent so they make a cool sound. They are more challenging to play because of how different they are.

Alex is always teaching us new chords and we always try our hardest to learn them. We play different instruments in most of our songs it isn’t just the guitars being played, there also the ukuleles, Bass, Drums and the Piano. We always have on going projects, one is a song called “St’ James Infirmary” which we hope to record later in the year with Alex and produce a CD or Video to go on our YouTube channel.

By Lara and Jess

Class 6