Year Six London Trip

Day Five -
We've finally made it to the morning of day five !!!
Everyone slept very well (which isn't surprising) and we're fresh and ready for Thorpe Park.
See you all tonight at about 11.30pm.
(If we're running late we'll ring)

Day Four Update !!!
It's just gone eleven and the children are settling down after gettng back from the bowling - if you want to know who won go to the bottom of the page.
Just got back to  the hostel. Tea and a rest before bowling at nine !
(more photos and info from the day below)
We went to the theatre last night to see Wicked. It was fantastic and we got back really late. Everyone slept very well !!!
We're just about to leave the hostel to go to St Paul's. The next update will be later on when we get back.
(photos below)

Our Year Six children are on their residential trip this week (from Monday 16th May) and as we're in London we've got internet access.
This means we're going to be able to keep everyone up-to-date with what we're doing. 


Day One -
We set off in the minibus at 7.00am and by 1.00pm we were on the London Eye which was a great way to start because we got to see the whole of London in one go.
When we had finished our ride we walked over Westminster Bridge and looked at the statue of Boudica and then went past Parliament. We walked through Whitehall, past The Cenataph, Downing Street and into Horse Guard's Parade.
Our second visit was to the National Gallery which is on Trafalgar Square.
In the evening we went to the cinema in Notting Hill.


Day Two -
Another early start !!!
We ate our packed breakfast in the park and arrived at Parliament in time for the start of our tour at 9.00am. It was fantastic to find out about how our country is run and the amazing history of such an important place.
We then walked  up to Buckingham Palace where we watched the Changing of the Guards before having lunch and a gymnastics session in Green Park.
In the afternoon we went to the science museum and after tea we went ice skating.


Day Three -
We used the underground to travel from Kensington (where the Youth Hostel is) to Tower Hill where we had a great time finding out about imprisonment, torture and execution in the Tower.
We were told some gruesome stories by our guide and we had to be really good because he had an axe !!!
We also saw the Crown Jewels and the armour in the White Tower before we travelled up the Thames and caught another train to the Natural History Museum.
The dinosaurs were very cool and reminded us of one of the teachers we've left back in school - bet you can't guess who we're talking about !!
We're all getting excited about going to the theatre after tea.
Check the site again later for more news.


Day Four -
The underground took us to St Paul's Cathedral which was amazing but we can't show you anything from the inside because we weren't allowed to take photos.
The views from the top were even better than the views from the London Eye but we had to work a lot harder to see them - over 5oo steps !
After this we crossed the Millennium Bridge to get to The Globe Theatre and then went to the Dr Who Experience at Olympia.


The Globe theatre was especially cool because the actors were rehearsing on the stage for their latest play which is going to open in a few weeks time. This must have given us a lot of inspiration because the drama workshop went really well. The actor who worked with us was amazed by our talent.
The Dr Who experience was great - the only problem was that we were a bit worried that Georgia might die from the excitement. 


Bowling Report -
Before you get the results I hope you'll appreciate the amazing action shot which shows the ball flying down the alley - I know its sad but its made me happy !!!

First - Miss Daniel ( 119 points )
Second - Dani ( 107 points )
Third - Erin ( 103 )

I guess this shows that girl power is alive and well at Bradworthy !!