Year Three Residential

Hello again everyone!  By now I am sure all of Year Three are fed, washed and probably gently snoring somewhere!  I wanted to get the final update online to show you all some of the pictures from our brilliant day at Camel Creek.  We had great fun exploring the attractions, with plenty of rides, play areas and even a 5D cinema to enjoy!  As you can see from the pictures below, we certainly kept ourselves busy up to the last minute, only stopping once for a sneaky ice cream!

Now that the trip is over I want to say an enormous thank you to everyone who has been involved and helped us along the way.  In particular a huge thank you goes out to Mrs Musson, Caroline and Alex, who have worked tirelessly to keep everything running smoothly and ensure everyone had a fabulous time!

Over the course of the trip we have received countless compliments about the children's behaviour, manners and fabulous attitude from everyone that we have met.  They have been an absolute pleasure to spend time with, and I know I speak on behalf of all the staff when we say an enormous well done to them for being such superstars.  Their exceptional approach to their first residential has left everyone involved feeling really proud of them - they truly are a huge credit to the school and their families!